When it comes to paleo, there’s a lot about what you can have, but there’s a lot that you can’t have. What are they though? Read on to find out what is allowed on paleo, and what isn’t.

Sweets with Refined Sugar

Sugar is not necessarily a bad thing, but artificial sugar is well, artificial. It’s something that you should avoid, because many times, the sugar is processed. Obviously, candy bars and such are prime examples of this, so avoid that, and if you’re going to have something sugary, make sure it’s natural sugar.

Processed Food

Processed food is actually a bit of a blurred line since processed foods are a huge part of the grocery store. But again, did prehistoric people have canned food or cereal in a box? Course not, so it can be hard. If you’re getting foods that fit paleo, sometimes they come with herbicides and pesticides, which may prevent it from being natural, and it can be hard to avoid this, but try to actively avoid all processed foods.


Grains are an integral part of our culture, but prehistoric people didn’t have that, and it actually is a big part of blood sugar spiking. Whole grains aren’t as bad, but you should steer clear from anything with gluten. This causes inflammation and other nutrient issues. Some say though that you don’t have to actively avoid it unless you’re sensitive, but again, it’s based on how strict your paleo diet is.


Legumes might be hard since they do come from the earth, but the problem is, it’s got phytic acid in there, which actually can cause improper nutrient absorption, and it’s something the cavemen didn’t have. Usually, other diet plans allow this one, but if you’re going paleo, you should try to avoid these. The problem with keeping this around is that it will stop other nutrients from being absorbed, which can be problematic.


Additives were not added to our foods in prehistoric days, so really, anything that’s processed with aspartame, MSG, nitrates, sorbic acid, or even just artificial colours and sweeteners, along with GMOs, should be avoided

Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are used to help increase the shelf life, but the thing is, it causes lots of foods to have trans fats, which aren’t healthy, in them. They’re not good for the body and should be avoided on the paleo period.


Dairy is another hit or miss one. Some say it’s fine, but the problem is, lots of us actually have a dairy allergy. If you want it, try eliminating it from the diet for a few weeks, then have a little bit. Some say it’s okay as long as you get grass-fed though, so again, it’s another grey area, mostly because of the low lactose and casein.

Potatoes and Starchy Veggies

These are another grey area due to blood sugar spike and should be minimized.

These paleo foods should be avoided when possible.