It is needless to state that a good vacuum cleaner is one of the most important appliances you need in a home, especially if you want to keep your rooms clean and free from dust. The right vacuum cleaner that suits your lifestyle can be one of the best investments you make for your home and your workplace; it can be the difference between a well-kept and clean environment, and a dirty, dusty one. That’s why you need to read this best vacuum cleaner.

These days, a dusty room isn’t just a dirty room; it also means a warehouse of germs and diseases. It is more important to keep our surroundings clean and devoid of dust particles these days if we want to live a healthy, safe life. The vacuum cleaner we end up choosing for our home shouldn’t just be able to pick up dust, debris, hair and fur from our rooms, but also airborne unhealthy products that can pose to be a real threat in our lives.

How to choose the best Vacuum Cleaner? 

This is something you’ll learn in this Best Vacuum Cleaner guide. It is not easy to decide on the right vacuum cleaner without knowing exactly what you can expect from it. This is an appliance that you’ll use very often in your home, if not every day; it needs to be uncomplicated and easy to use, as well as efficient. So, if you are on the lookout for the perfect vacuum cleaner, here are the features it should have.

  • A vacuum cleaner should be lightweight. You’ll need to carry your vacuum cleaner in your hands around the room while cleaning, which means it can’t be heavy. Sometimes, you’ll also need to carry it up the stairs if you live in a multi-storied home or plan on cleaning your basement or attic. A heavy vacuum cleaner can be extremely hard to maneuver, especially when you need to clean the walls, curtains, under the furniture or in corners. Besides, it is always better to get a lightweight vacuum cleaner because they are smaller in stature and size, and can be easily stored.

  • There’s nothing worse than a vacuum cleaner that’s noisy and disturbing, so the ideal vacuum cleaner should be as silent as possible. Vacuum cleaners should ideally work in silence, because you might want to be done with your cleaning while your young children are sleeping or while enjoying some music. If your vacuum cleaner is extremely loud so that you can’t hear anything else happening around you, you can get fed up with it very soon.

    The modern vacuum cleaners these days are almost silent or emit a relatively low vibrating sound, but low enough so that it doesn’t disturb you from watching TV, listening to music or even from thinking.  A noise-less vacuum cleaner won’t disturb the other members of your home or office while you are cleaning around.

  • A good vacuum cleaner should be able to clean all floor types. Modern homes have different floor types in different rooms, and it helps if a single vacuum cleaner is able to clean all of them. Whether you have tiles, wood, cement, carpet or vinyl, a single vacuum cleaner should be able to clean through all of them. You might need to change the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner to work through different floor types and materials, but they should be all available in the same appliance.

    The modern vacuum cleaners come with different nozzles and attachments that you can interchange, each one for certain floor types and floor materials, i.e. an attachment to clean hard floors and another to pick up cat/dog hair, while another attachment cleans curtains, tapestries, and furniture.

  • Bag capacity is also very important when it comes to a vacuum cleaner. You’d want a vacuum cleaner that comes with a large or a medium-sized bag as opposed to a small bag. With a small bag, you’ll have to empty it quite often: every time you vacuum, or even multiple times when you are vacuuming. This can be quite annoying if you have to often take a break from your vacuuming chore simply to empty the bag because it is small and doesn’t have a large holding capacity.

    The bigger the bag is, the more you can use the vacuum cleaner before having to empty the bag. If you plan to vacuum every day and your home or office is relatively clean, you can use your vacuum cleaner for several days before having to empty it.

  • A long cord can be quite useful for vacuuming. If your vacuum cleaner comes with a long cord, you won’t have to waste any time changing power sources when you vacuum the whole house. With a long cord, you can probably clean through two to three rooms before having to change the power source.

    With vacuum cleaners, you can get cords from 5 feet long to 50 feet long. With the longer cords, you won’t have to unplug and plug it each time you go into a new room to vacuum. At the same time, some vacuum cleaners are cordless these days. They can be charged at their charging stations, which can be placed inside any closet or cabinet with a power source, and you can put back the vacuum cleaner to its charging station to recharge when you are done.

  • The more attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner, the more versatile it is. With the modern vacuum cleaners, you can get separate attachments for larger and smaller messes, for the dry and wet mess, for big pieces of debris and for airborne particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye. There are also separate attachments for different floor surfaces, shaggy rugs, and carpets, and for families with small and big pets. With some vacuum cleaners, the attachments range from brushes and long nozzles to reach under furniture, and combs for carpets and curtains.

  • It also helps if the on/off switch is conveniently placed on the vacuum cleaner so that you can easily reach it. A switch that can be easily reached when you are vacuuming will be easier for anyone to handle, instead of having to bend or twist yourself to turn off the vacuum cleaner. It also saves time and effort when you have to turn your cleaner on and off several times during a single session.

    These are the several features that should be present in your vacuum cleaner, especially if you plan to use it regularly to clean your home. The more of these features present in the model you choose, the easier your life is going to become.   

Best Vacuum Cleaners 

The best vacuum cleaner for you depends on your home, your need for cleaning, your floor type and other materials around the house, the members of your family, your lifestyle and many other such factors. However, the three vacuum cleaners discussed in this article come with most of the features such an appliance needs to make your life easier.

1. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner 

You’re definitely going to love a Bissell vacuum cleaner in your home if you have small, furry pets in your family. This sleek and attractively designed vacuum cleaner comes with a brush roll that picks up pet hair from the floor, couches, carpets, and rugs, no matter how small and smooth they are. The triple-action brush roll has three different types of bristles in the single attachment that will effectively pick up each and every pet hair in your home, both on a hard floor and soft. This particular brush doesn’t scatter the dust and the pet hair it collects but puts them all into the bag to be cleaned later.

The Bissell Cleanview is extremely flexible, easy to handle and lightweight at 17.25 pounds. You can carry it around in your hands for as long as it takes you to clean your home, and not feel tired. But wait, read on in this Best Vacuum Cleaner guide to truly know what is best for you. The cord that comes with this vacuum cleaner is only 6 feet long, so you might have to change power sources when you go on to a new room to vacuum.

Although the Bissell Clearview has been designed to pick up pet hair, it also comes with other attachments that will be able to pick up both large and fine debris from the floor. It can also clean under furniture and around the corners and edges; the Bissell Clearview can be swivelled and moved to clean inside and under furniture, where not many other vacuum cleaners can reach. The lightweight vacuum cleaner is extremely easy to move around, clean and carry, without too much effort or physical strength. The dirtbag can carry up to 1.0 litre of dust and debris, so you won’t have to empty it every day or even every time that you vacuum around the house. The filter can be replaced when it breaks or falters with regular use so that you can keep using the same cleaner for years.


  • Perfect vacuum cleaner for pet owners and pet lovers
  • Special “Triple Action Brush Roll” can pick up smooth and fine pet hair
  • Comes with special pet hair corner tool and pet tool
  • Special brush with three kinds of bristles doesn’t scatter pet hair and dust
  • Can be swiveled and moved to reach under furniture and around corners
  • Pet hair tool can remove pet hair from carpets, rugs, and furniture
  • Dirtbag has a 1-liter capacity
  • Easy-to-empty and clean dirtbag
  • The filter can be replaced when needed
  • Manufacturer donates part of the money from every sale of Bissell Clearview to the Bissell Pet Foundation
  • Edge-to-edge cleaning tool can clean corner of rooms and edge of furniture
  • Lightweight at only 17.25-lbs
  • Can be carried around, lifted and used with ease
  • The replaceable filter can be washed underwater
  • Transparent dirtbag to understand the situation at a glance
  • No loss of suction at every clean


  • Cord length is only 6 feet
  • The power source needs to be changed with every room

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2. Eureka NES215A Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Vacuum Cleaner  

Sleek and slim, it’ll be no trouble storing this vacuum inside your closet, or inside any counter or cabinet in your kitchen or dining room. It is also extremely lightweight; at only 4.85 pounds, you can carry this vacuum cleaner around the house with you with no particular strength; cleaning with it is also easy for anyone.

This is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner, which means that you can use the same appliance in a number of ways. You can use the Eureka just like a vacuum cleaner to clean your floors, carpets, and rugs, and under furniture to pick up large debris, fine dust, and pet hair. The same appliance can be converted into a smaller hand-held vacuum cleaner for cleaning over furniture, couches, and chairs, or along with curtains and tapestries. Finally, by attaching the “Capture Nozzle” to your hand-held vacuum cleaner, you can use it to suck up large pieces of debris, i.e. food, nails, LEGO pieces, cereal, cookie crumbs, rice, etc. This mode can be quite helpful in the kitchen in case of spills and accidents.

The bottom part of the vacuum cleaner can be swiveled and moved, to clean under furniture and around corners. The Eureka Blaze is highly maneuverable; you can twist and turn it any way you want to for cleaning. Even in the standing position, it is not heavy to use. Anyone can use this vacuum cleaner with very little force or strength.

Attaching the crevice tool to the hand cleaner or the standing vacuum cleaner will help you to clean and tidy up in places that are hard to reach, i.e. under car seats, between couch cushions, or under mattresses. By attaching the “Capture Nozzle” to your hand vacuum, you can also clean your stairs.


  • Extremely lightweight at only 4.85-lbs
  • Can be used in multiple ways to clean the whole house
  • Sleek and slim modern design, can be stored anywhere
  • Standing vacuum is easy to use to clean hard floors, carpets, and rugs
  • Can be converted into the handheld vacuum to clean the top of furniture and counters
  • “Capture Nozzle” can be used to pick up bigger pieces of debris
  • “Crevice Tool” can be used to clean hard-to-reach places
  • “Capture Nozzle” with “hand vacuum” can clean stairs
  • The bottom part of vacuum cleaner can be swiveled and moved to clean anywhere


  • Doesn’t come with a brush or a motorized brush
  • Head of the vacuum cleaner can get stuck at times

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3. eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim) 

Now, this is a vacuum cleaner that’s completely different from the traditional cleaners we are used to. Unlike the regular vacuum cleaners that the user has to push with their hands, this is a robotic cleaner that works on its own. The all-new eufy RoboVac 11S can clean up any kind of dust particle, hair, and debris in your room, home or workplace without you having to control it or guide it with your hands. But before you start to search it up on Amazon or an other retailer make sure to read on in this Best Vacuum Cleaner to know the cons.

Quietly and with great suction power, the RoboVac will roam around your hardwood floors without supervision and clean up everything in sight. With a single charge, it can clean for up to 100 minutes before automatically returning to the charging dock. This robotic vacuum cleaner works at a walking speed of 10.5 in/s, covering your whole home – multiple times – within 100 minutes. The standard suction power of the RoboVac 1S is 1300 Pa but automatically increases within 1.5 seconds if some location needs additional suction.

This RoboVac 11S works silently; the suction on hardwood floors is consistent and powerful, but there is almost no sound. The surface is covered by an anti-scratch tempered glass so that all the mechanism inside is protected from harm. The front of the robotic vacuum cleaner comes with an infrared sensor that knows to avoid conflict with furniture, people and pets. After every 100 minutes of work, the robotic vacuum cleaner reaches the charging dock to recharge, so the appliance is always in full charge when you need it.

The eufy RoboVac 11S comes with the robotic vacuum cleaner, a remote control, a charging base, an AC power adaptor, cleaning tools, and an extra pair of filters, 4 pieces of brushes, 5 cable ties and a welcome guide. The vacuum cleaner itself is only 2.85” thin but has a very powerful suction power, and can pick up minute pet hair, fine dust particles and ever big pieces of debris. The triple filter system of the cleaner gives you a perfectly clean home after every round. With the drop sensing feature of the RoboVac 11S, it doesn’t even fall down the stairs and damage itself; you can use this robotic vacuum cleaner on the 2nd or 3rd floor with each, and it won’t fall down the stairs. The dirt box has a large holding capacity of 0.6-liter that needs to be cleaned but can clean your home several times before that.


  • Cleans your home automatically
  • Can clean for 100 minutes without stopping
  • Automatically reaches charging dock to recharge when needed
  • Only 2.85” in height
  • The powerful suction power of 1300 Pa
  • Suction power increases within 1.5 seconds if needed
  • Sucks up dust particles, hair and debris efficiently
  • Cleans non-stop automatically and goes around the whole home multiple times
  • Doesn’t require attention or supervision
  • Uses “Drop-sensing technology” to avoid steps, stairs and falling from high places
  • Returns to charging dock when needed and always stays fully charged
  • Triple-filter system picks up and traps everything
  • Can clean around hard floors
  • Large 0.6-liter dirt box that doesn’t need frequent cleaning
  • Tempered-glass protective cover


  • Charging dock needs 6 feet cleared on each side and several feet cleared at the front
  • Not very good for cleaning corners

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Vacuum cleaners are an integral part of our lives; they are appliances we can’t really live without if we want to live in a clean home and work in a clean office. They are all quite different from one another, but they can all help to clean our rooms, with or without supervision and control. There are a number of vacuum cleaners available in the market, and finding the right one isn’t going to be hard if you know what you are looking for in a vacuum cleaner.