Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet. Keto and the Paleo diet are the two most popular diets these days, especially among women. Both these diets are quite similar in some ways, mainly in the type of foods they allow for consumption. In some ways, however, both Keto and Paleo diets are completely different from each other. 

In more than one ways, both of these diets are more than just crash diets to help you lose weight, they are actually lifestyle choices for your overall health benefits. People follow these two diets not just because they want to lose weight, but because they want to live a healthier, more active life. 

These two diets – Paleo and Keto – can also help with weight loss, and here’s an in-depth discussion on both these diets. 

All About Keto Diet

“Keto” diet comes from the term “ketosis”, which means the state of your body when our stored fat is burned into energy – the energy we need to go on with our regular activities. The “Keto” diet is mainly concerned with the burning of all the calories you consume so that you get adequate energy from the calories that you consume. 

The “Keto” diet is mainly comprised of food which gives us 60% to 80% calories from high-fat food, 15% to 35% calories from high-protein foods and less than 5% calories from low-carb food. This diet is comprised of carefully prepared meals that contain high-fat, high-protein and low-carb foods, but only in the required amount. 

Meat, fatty fish and seafood, non-starchy vegetables and fruits, cheese, Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds, whole eggs and all kinds of berries are part of the “Keto” diet. This diet may contain a lot of fatty food, but can also burn them to create energy in your body. 

All About the Paleo Diet

The “Paleo” diet came into existence from a completely different line of thinking about food. The term “Paleo” comes from the Paleolithic Age, which was a part of our ancestral history more than 10,000 years ago. 

The Paleolithic Age was in existence before men learned to farm; therefore, their main source of food was whatever they could hunt, gather or forage. This diet is easy to understand and remember: you can only eat what they could eat at that age, and nothing more. This means that the “Paleo” diet is based on plenty of meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and all kinds of berries. 

Every single kind of carbohydrate-based foods, i.e. grains, legumes, eggs and dairy products are restricted in this diet because our forefathers in the Paleolithic Age hadn’t discovered agriculture yet. 

Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet 

Both the “Keto” and the “Paleo” diet include food that is high in protein and low in carbohydrate, with a good amount of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts thrown into the mix. Anything that’s processed, packaged or contains added sugar is completely excluded from both these diets. Grains and legumes, too, are both excluded in these diets, but for completely different reasons. 

The “Keto” and the “Paleo” diet are more lifestyle changes to be made for a healthy life than actual diets.  Neither of these diets put a lot of limitations on your food choices or portions, except when it comes to grains, legumes and other carbohydrate-based foods. 

Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet. Which Diet is better for Weight Loss

Both “Keto” and “Paleo” diet can cause significant weight loss if this is the first time you are trying them. This is mainly because both these diets restrict carbohydrates in the form of grains and legumes. Without carbohydrates, your metabolism increases considerably and helps you lose weight. 

Still, if there’s a comparison between both the diets, the “Paleo” diet can be the possible better choice when it comes to weight loss. It is a healthier option for a diet as well because unlike the “Keto” diet, your meals don’t consist of high-fat food. 

The “Keto” diet requires you to plan meals that consist 60% to 80% of fatty food such as cheese, yogurts, fatty fish, beef and other meat, and nuts. This diet requires you to consume a lot of fatty food that can be easily broken down into energy by vigorous exercising. Exercise is a huge part of the “Keto” diet because you need to be physically active to burn all the fats you are consuming. If exercise is not a part of your life, you will be actually be stuck with all the fats you have consumed in your diet. 

The “Paleo” diet, on the other hand, consists of high-protein food that is easy to digest. There isn’t a lot of limitations while you are on the “Paleo” diet because you get a huge amount of choices in terms of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, as well as seeds and nuts. The choices are more in the “Paleo” diet because you don’t need to look for food that are high in fat for your diet. You can eat almost anything our ancestors could eat in the Paleolithic Age, everyone that’s not cultivated, processed or packaged. 

If you exercise regularly and vigorously, or if you have an extremely active lifestyle, the “Keto” diet can be a good option for you as you might lose a lot of weight burning all the fatty foods that you consume every day. However, the “Paleo” diet is actually easier to follow in the long run, because it gives you more food options and is based on a high-protein diet that can fill you up. 

Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet. Both the “Keto” and the “Paleo” diet are extremely popular among the health-conscious population, but for very different reasons. Individually, they can both cause significant weight loss in a person, followed perfectly and to the point. However, the “Keto” diet and the “Paleo” diet shouldn’t be followed together, because you might actually end up gaining more weight. 

When it comes to losing weight and to maintain it in the long run, the “Paleo” diet is the better and the more feasible option