One thing some people ask is can you eat white rice while on the Paleo diet. The truth is, it’s actually a grain, but we can go over here why white rice should be avoided when you’re on Paleo and a little bit more about rice.

Yes, it’s a grain

Yes, it is, and grains are usually excluded on Paleo diet. That’s because they contain gluten, and weren’t something that primitive people ate.  But, even though it is a grain, some people have adopted it into the Paleo diet. But, not all rice is equal, and only certain rice is allowed on Paleo, which is what we will go over here.

Truth is, Paleo won’t ever fully include white rice, but some do include it for various reasons.

So, is it okay?

Some people will only have white rice.  Brown rice does have a few different parts of the seed to it, but once the hull is removed, it just has the bran and the kernel.

White rice has everything but the kernel extracted from it.  Some people actually say that white rice is bad, and brown is good, but in truth, it’s actually the opposite.

Opposite on Paleo

When it comes to Paleo, brown rice, while usually considered “healthy” is actually not Paleo, because it does have the bran, which is where the nutrients are, but the problem is, phytic acid is there too, and usually, this binds the nutrients.

But, since white rice doesn’t’ have bran, it doesn’t contain the healthy nutrients, but it also doesn’t’ have phytic acid either, and that’s why white rice digests easier. It’s also why some say it’s actually acceptable when looking at Paleo.

Don’t just Eat it all the time

Now since white rice slides under the door and can fit Paleo in a sense, it’s never really Paleo. that’s because it has almost no nutrient density to it, is riddled with carbs, and it’s enriched.  While some people have adopted it to their diets, the truth is, it is very high on the glycemic index. So, it’s got a lot of sugar to it.  Do you know what that means? It can ruin your diet if you’re not careful.

But if you’re healthy, have no issues with blood sugar, are an athlete or active, it’s actually fine.  But, make sure you rinse your rice before you cook, don’t make it a main focal point of the meal, and instead pair it with a protein, veggie, or healthy fat, and always make sure it’s local and organic.

That’s the truth about rice, and it’s something that people do need to remember. If you do have this, do make sure you figure out what’s best for your body, and cater to that accordingly with the right choices in hand.  Remember, this is ultimately up to you, and it’s something that could work but could also mess up your diet if you’re not careful.