While everyone has their own taste when it comes to how to decorate, when it comes to making an area cozy, especially where everyone gathers, it’s easy to get lost. Here are some great tips and ideas that will help anyone fix up their living room with a cozy vibe that’s sure to please everyone. You’re sure to find a few tips and ideas here that will work for you and your family to add a coziness to your family room without feeling too outrageous. 

1. Use Lux Fabrics. 

            One great idea for anyone that can manage it, is to layer up on luxury or faux luxury fabrics. You don’t need to go overboard or match at all. Instead take your favorite cozy style fabrics and let them add a pop of cozy to your living room. 

            A faux fur rug next to a cozy chair and a few velvet throw pillows are all you truly need. If you feel the need to add just a pinch more cozy to your living area, find a throw that’s perfect for cuddling. It can be as simple as a fuzzy blanket from your local general store. 

2. Keep it holistic. 

            When looking for a way to keep things cozy, you should always consider going with things that make you feel healthier. Find herbal scents and candles that you can blend into your room. 

            Find furniture that feels not only comfortable but gives off nature vibes. Nature tends to make the mind feel healthy while energizing you. 

3.  Sectionals. 

            Seating is an extremely important part of making any room feel cozy and inviting. When possible, choosing a sectional sofa that can accommodate the entire family and then some is definitely the way to go. 

            Not only will a sectional seat the entire family and lend a helpful coziness to family movie night, it can also be perfect for those late-night sleepovers and make great holiday coziness. 

4. Ottomans

            Now, if you were able to go with a sectional then you may be wondering what ottomans could possibly give you. Not only can it be great seating but is sure to give adults a great foot rest and children something fun to play and sit on. 

            Fluffy ottomans are always a cozy idea. Not only are they functional but they’re super cute and can tie a room together completely. 

5. A Conversation Circle

            While conversation circles or “pits” were extremely popular in the 70’s they can still be relevant. When updated with a cozy and elegant touch, a conversation circle can make both the room and family moments perfectly cozy. 

6. Warm and Natural

Using natural woods and warm tones can make any space cozy. From hardwood floors to smooth wooden coffee tables. Adding earthy wooden pieces and different textures can add a cozy vibe to any space. This is especially helpful in larger areas that may be harder to fill. 

Neutral colors in shades of warm browns, reds, and oranges can help too. If you wanted to go a step further, bringing driftwood pieces for your walls can add a beautiful and cost effective warmth to the room. 

7. Large Scale Photos

Large scale photos don’t always fit easily in a space. When going for cozy and warm, you’re lucky enough to be able to use them. Large scale photos can give your walls a focal point without taking up a ton of space. 

            Another reason using large scale photos can be such a great option for cozy spaces is due to the fact that using multiple small photos can make the wall feel busy and take away from the cozy feeling. 

8. Statement Lamp

Lighting is a key to creating a cozy space. One of the best ways to ensure that your living room is cozy is to find a statement lamp. Not only can this add visual interest to the entire room but it can give the entire room a cozy glow. 

Finding a larger statement lamp that goes on the floor rather than side tables can create a softer glow than regular table lamps and provide warmth throughout the room. 

9. Pillows

            Pillows are a fun way to add texture and color to a cozy space. Very few things say cozy like pillows. You can fit in some of your luxury and faux luxury fabrics this way as well and add a pop of color to keep the room from seeming dull. 

            You can also find different textures and patterns to add to your room while keeping to a friendly budget. 

10. Rugs

            Rugs, much like pillows, are a fun way to add lots of warmth to a space that you want to make cozy. Ideally, you’d have a hardwood floor as a base that can add warmth to the entire room. From there finding fluffy, shaggy, fin rugs make a world of difference. Don’t be afraid to layer them on top of one another to suit your living area. 

11. Bookcases

            Bookcases along your walls are a great way to keep your cozy vibe while also adding more personality to your space. While you’re more than welcome to fill them with your favorite novels and CDs, you can also add all sorts of odds and ends. From family photos to puzzles and souvenirs, bookcases can show everyone that enters the room exactly who you are without taking from the cozy vibe that you’ve managed to build. 

12. Natural lighting

            Natural lighting can help immensely with adding a touch of coziness to your living area. Try to build your seating area around your main source of natural light. Anything that brings nature inside can help give you coziness without making you stir crazy. 

Those are just a few ways that you can take your living area and make it a cozy gathering place for friends and family alike. While you may not be able to or want to implement all of these ideas, any number of them can help make your living area the perfect level of cozy.