Working from home is becoming more and more common. As such, home offices are becoming a necessity. When creating a home office, you need something that is functional as well as comfortable. Finding the right balance can be a struggle for anyone. Here are some easy ways to decorate your home office while making sure to keep it comfortable and stylish.

1. Your Space

            Keep in mind your space. It is one of the most important things when it comes to a home office. First off, find a space that you love. Don’t shove yourself into a stuffy little room that depresses you. Find a room that makes you feel energized and motivated. 

            Once you have your room, look at your view. Just like the space itself, your view should make you feel good. Maybe a window overlooking your favorite view. If you don’t have a view, find a great painting that inspires you and fills you with good vibes. Use a cheery and fun color for the walls and make sure you’re not staring at boring beige day in and day out. 

2. Organization

            Organization is truly a key. Home offices need to have organization and provide easy accessibility to your supplies. So, before heading out to find your proper furniture, know what you’ll be using and needing. Make sure to find all the shelves you need. This includes measuring to know how big they need to be or how small along with finding the proper drawers for your smaller necessities. 

            While you need to ensure that your chosen shelves fit well in the space, you should also be sure to pick shelves that match your decor and theme. Make sure you like the look since you’ll spend a lot of time looking at them. 

3. Reduce Clutter

            Reducing the amount of clutter in your work space can not only make it look better but also make it much more efficient. While having a waste basket is useful, you need to go a step further and have a little bit more. Make sure your waste basket is out of the way but easily accessible. You should also ensure that everything has a defined space. 

            Surprisingly enough, this does mean you should have a junk drawer, provided that you keep all of your junk to the one drawer. 

4. Lighting

            We talked about being near a window and if you can, it’s a great idea for natural lighting to be available. When not available, you should find a way to light up your office while making sure to keep it warm and energizing. This means avoiding the traditional fluorescent office lighting. 

            If you can’t have natural lighting, find bulbs and light fixtures that give off a warmer lighting. LED lights are not only cost efficient and energy saving, but they can add a bright lighting that keeps you from feeling like you’re back in a traditional office space. 

5. Personalize Your Space 

Like any other office, you need to make it yours. Add personal touches to your home office to remind yourself that it’s yours. This means not only adding photos of family and things that you love but also personal knick knacks. 

Add your favorite scents and anything else that can personalize your office space. If your often on a laptop rather than stuck at your desk, investing in a cozy chair or sofa can help make you feel energized as well as comfy in a space that is meant just for you. 

6. Your Chair

Your office chair is an important part of your home office. If you have to stay at your desk all day while you’re working, you should invest in a chair that provides comfort. While your comfort should be the most important thing, you also need functionality, ensure that it’s the right height and can be moved around your desk as needed. When those needs are met, see what color and design options you can find. Your chair should represent you and tie into your office. 

7. Keep it a Part of Your Home

While this sounds like a “duh” moment, it’s easy to forget that your office is in your home. Try to tie in the same colors and small accents to your office that can be found throughout the rest of your house. 

8. Wall Space

            Wall space is often an afterthought. Most people think about the walls next to their head but rarely think about the space above. Keep in mind that even the wall space above your head can be used to your advantage. Not only can you use shelves (provided you have a step stool that can be used as well) but you can also add all sorts of inspiration. From quotes to symbolic photos that hold deeper meaning to you. 

9. Tech

When it comes to office tech, you need to make sure that your equipment meets all of your needs and fits well within your space. Invest money into tech that runs at good speeds and is less likely to malfunction. Make sure to check reviews on anything you plan to use, while many things can be skimped on, tech is not one of those things. 

            All in all, your home office isn’t just an office and you need to keep that in mind when decorating it. You need functional as well as flattering. Just to recap, make sure you choose the right location for your home office so that it’s somewhere you actually want to be. Make sure that you’re able to easily organize it and keep it that way. Reduce any unnecessary clutter and light the area well. 

            Keep the area personalized and make sure your office chair is functional and comfortable first and flattering second. Always remember that your home office is still a part of your home, it’s even in the name. Wall space can be used to your advantage, this includes shelves as well as inspiration and personal touches. Finally, ensure that your tech is top notch and will meet the demands of your job while fitting well into the space that you have.