A wholesome Christmas dinner is incomplete when you don’t serve just the perfect dessert with it. Beside the traditional pudding and the cake, some of us are always in the lookout for something unique but easy to serve alongside a well-prepared Christmas dinner. The more unique, the better! 

When we have family members, friends and guests staying for Christmas dinner, we want to serve something special – something that will both impress and delight them. For all those amazing cooks who are always looking for unique dessert ideas for Christmas, here are 15 recipes that might help. 

1. Ridiculously Moist Christmas Cake Balls 

What’s better than some chocolate cake after a hearty Christmas dinner, the chocolaty the better. This is indeed one moist and chocolate filled recipe from Bite sized Kitchen, which uses a box of Super Moist cake mix, some eggs, cream cheese frosting and white chocolate chips for melting. The cake needs to be broken down, mixed with the frosting and rolled into bite-sized cake, small enough to throw into your mouth. 

2. Christmas Sweet Mince Pies 

These Sweet mince pies are going to look amazing on your table, just after everyone has finished with their turkey-and-gravy dinner. The filling is made from fresh currants, raisins, a little brandy, peeled and chopped apples, orange juice and orange zest, lemon zest, butter, brown sugar and ground cinnamon. Get the full recipe from Culinary Ginger

3. Butter Tart Bundt Cake 

Instead of a traditional pudding, how about a Bundt cake for this Christmas? This cake recipe from Food Meanderings uses flour, milk, vinegar, softened butter, brown sugar, whipping cream and eggs, with the butter tart swirl made from corn starch, vinegar, vanilla extract, whipping cream and brown sugar. 

4. Sugar-Free Cherry Pie 

You can never go wrong with a well-made pie, can you? This is a recipe for a cherry pie from Any Reason Life that’s sugar-free, keto-friendly and low-carb. With the usual ingredients for the crust, the filling is made from fresh cherries, granulated sugar, cornstarch, orange juice, egg whites and ground cinnamon. 

5. Keto Truffles with Bacon and Maple 

A fun little dessert recipe that everyone can enjoy while watching a movie together, or playing board games together. These are mini truffles made from bacon pieces, cream cheese, maple syrup and butter that everyone will just love to pop into their mouths after a heavy Christmas dinner. Get the full recipe here at Homemade For Elle.  

6. Cranberry Bread Pudding Cheesecake

Something that’s both simple and exotic at the same time – a cheesecake paired with a cranberry bread pudding into a single dessert. The base is made from the usual ingredients you use in a cheesecake, but the special filling is made from dried bread cubes, condensed milk, milk, dried cranberries, vanilla, digestive biscuits and ricotta cheese. Get the full recipe here at Food Meanderings.

7. Wholesome Pumpkin Pie Truffles

Pumpkin pies are a tradition for thanksgiving and during the Fall season, but they can be just as welcoming for Christmas. This is a Keto- and Paleo-friendly pie truffle recipe from Wholesome Family Living that uses one homemade or store-bought angel cake, one batch of pumpkin pie pudding and some whipped cream. You can serve them as individual pie truffles per person, or in a giant truffle bowl for the whole party. 

8. Angel Lush Cake 

If you want to serve something other than the usual cakes you serve every Christmas, this recipe from Bitz ‘n Giggles might be something to take a look at. You can use a store-bought Angel cake or one hat you’ve made for yourself, and layer the slices with pineapple slices, a box of vanilla instant pudding, whipped cream and some fresh strawberries for garnish. 

9. Easy Keto Apple Pie Crumble with Almond Flour 

What’s in this amazing Apple Pie crumble recipe from Sorey Fitness? Only some almond flour, peeled and chopped Zucchini, lemon juice, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg and natural sweeteners. Put them all together in a pie and you can create magic in your oven under an hour. 

10. No-Bake Peppermint Cheesecake 

Another delicious cheesecake recipe from Cincy Shopper that uses Oreo cookies (Yum!) to make the crust, with melted butter and sugar, and a filling made from Cream cheese, heavy cream, powdered sugar and peppermint extract. You can also use a few drops of pink food gel to give your cheesecake a wonderful pink color that will look wonderful on your table. 

11. Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Cake  

This is a great way to incorporate the festivities into your chocolate cake for the Holiday seasons. This recipe from The Banana Diaries adds some peppermint extract and unsweetened homemade applesauce to the usual ingredients for a chocolate cake and gives it a more exotic taste. The frosting used in the cake is a vegan one, made from butter, powdered sugar and crushed peppermint candies. 

12. Risalamande (Danish Rice Pudding) with Cherry Sauce  

This is a traditional rice pudding with a twist, an exotic dish that you can bring to your Christmas table. This recipe is for a Danish rice pudding that is made from full fat milk, rice, castor sugar, sherry, flaked almonds and whipping cream. The special cherry sauce is a combination of frozen cherries, caster sauce, corn flour and blackcurrant squash. Get the full recipe here at Fab Food 4 All

13. Festive Cranberry Coconut Cake  

The goodness of coconut flakes and the feistiness of cranberry – together in a single cake! This can be the showstopper dessert you ever serve your guests with a hearty Christmas dinner. The cake is layered with freshly cooked cranberries and cream cheese frosting, topped with coconut flakes. You can find the detailed recipe here at House of Nash Heats.

14. Cranberry Fluff Cheesecake Bites  

Bite-sized cheesecakes that everyone is going to absolutely love! This recipe from Homemade Interest uses Mini Phyllo cups, cream cheese and powdered sugar for the base, with a lot of amazingly exotic ingredients for the filling including fresh cranberries, red grapes, marshmallows, crushed pineapples and chopped pecans. 

15. Sugar Cookie Christmas Fudge 

If you neither have the time nor the energy to make something elaborate for dessert, this is a 4-ingredient recipe that can be made in less than 15 minutes. This recipe by Crayons and Cravings only needs white chocolate chips, sugar cookie mix, condensed milk and your favorite Christmas sprinkles. Cook in 10 minutes and put in the fridge while you focus on your other dishes, the dessert will be ready in 4 to 5 hours just in time for dinner. Desserts with your Christmas dinner should ideally be something very special, but not many of us has the energy or the time to concentrate on that. It is mostly the turkey and the other Christmas traditional dishes that take up our time, with only a little effort on the dessert. With these 15 dessert recipes, however, you can create something easy but unique for your Christmas table without being too much bothered or needing a lot of ingredients.