Decorating your home is one of the best ways to show people who you are. It can allow you to share your creativity and interests with those that you welcome into it. While everyone has their own peculiar taste and style, yours is unique to you. So, while you may want to show off your quirky style or your laid back mannerisms through your home decor, it can start to get costly when things add up.

Here you’ll find a list of amazing places where you can find the pieces you need to make your home express your taste. All of which are budget friendly and can make your wallet just as happy as they make your home.  

1. Amazon

            Everyone knows that Amazon is one of the world’s leading places to find most anything. It should come as no surprise that it’s at the top of my list. From larger pieces like tables and chairs, to wall art and the perfect pillows for your sofa, you’re bound to find pieces that fit your style as well as your budget. 

2. Wayfair

            Wayfair, you know you hear the jingle as soon as you read the name. Wayfair is pretty famous for being a cost efficient way to decorate. In fact, Wayfair has so many options, it can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’ve yet to visit the site before. Luckily, you can narrow down what you’re looking for and add plenty of filters to find just the right price. Filters include not only entering your budget but your desired materials and colors as well. 

3. H&M

            I know what you’re thinking, clothes. This retailer is widely known for its affordable and stylish fashion. While you can fill your closets, you can also find plenty of items to decorate your home as well. 

            From candles to vases to christmas ornaments, you are sure to find a whole basket of goodies that would be perfect for our home. H&M, since it’s known for its fashion, has a few less options and would be great for something that can easily be overwhelmed by too many results. You can still narrow down your options or simply scroll through their H&M Home selection. 

4. Target

            I’m almost certain you’ve been here at least once. You probably still think about the cute pup who happens to be their mascot, right? Well, it should come as no surprise they have plenty of options when it comes to home decor. 

            You’ll find everything you could possibly need at Target to decorate any room. While some seem to be of the opinion that it’s on the expensive side, I would have to disagree. The majority of their products are pretty great quality items at fair prices. 

5. Typo

            Typo is definitely a lesser known option. The truth is, it even has different names depending on which country you live in. There is a different site for the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Africa. 

            While they’re a lesser known option, they have a great selection of categories and filters for you to narrow down your options. Pricing wise, they’re pretty inexpensive. With everything from candles to lighting, I’m sure you could deck out any number of rooms with great wares from Typo. 

6. Urban Outfitters

            Urban Outfitters, much like H&M, has always seemed more like a clothing outlet than a place to find great bargains for your home decorating needs. The truth is, it’s kind of a hidden gem. 

            Now, widely known as they are for their quality items, you will find things beyond your budget. That being said, those gems are in there. From adorable and quirky pillows to kitchen gadgets and cat sponges, there is something there to suit everyone’s needs. 

7. World Market 

            Now, World Market is pretty big. With a great variety of categories specifically aimed at home decor, you could get lost looking for the perfect thing. Truth is, you may even end up with an entire new room in your cart by the time you’re ready for checkout. With everything from sectional sofas to the candle you need on your dining room table, you’ll be more than happy to scroll for hours. 

            With already great prices, you’ll be thrilled when they have sales, which they do pretty regularly. It would seem that if there’s an occasion for it, you’ll find a sale. 

8. Etsy

Etsy is yet another great place to find the perfect decor for your home. While it’s widely known as a place to sell homemade goods and crafts, it is much more than that. While you’re sure to find lovely handcrafted, one of a kind items, you’ll also find many inexpensive, more mainstream pieces for your home.