Looking for tips to losing belly fat fast? If there’s one place we can gather fat in the blink of an eye, it’s around our belly. 

It’s the same for men and women; at around a certain age or condition, at the slightest reason, our midsection is the part that starts to grow faster than any other part of the body. Very soon, our clothes stop fitting and we have to buy a larger pair of jeans, and our evening clothes start to bulge embarrassingly. 

But we shouldn’t just be weary of our gathering belly fat because of the way it looks. Yes, belly fats – or love handles as they are lovingly called in the beginning of the bulge – are embarrassing, but quite dangerous. The more weight and fat we gather around our stomachs and backs, the more susceptible we are to various heart diseases and Type-II diabetes. 

Therefore, we need to lose our belly fat, pronto! Not just to look good and to fit into our old clothes, but to live a healthy life. It is hard, of course; certainly harder to lose the fat that to gain it, but possible. 

Tips to Losing Belly Fat Fast

You can go about losing your body fat in two ways: the dos and the don’ts. 

  • Do Avoid Sugar and Sugar-based Drinks. This is, of course, the first rule in any diet or healthy-eating regimes. You need to let go of anything that contains sugar: sodas, sweetened drinks, artificially flavoured fruit juices, caffeinated drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks. These drinks contain very little but high-fructose sugar and are directly linked to obesity and weight gain. 
  • Do Eat Protein and Limit Carbohydrate. Your ideal meal should have more protein in it and less carbohydrate. Protein fills you up more, reduces unnecessary hunger and helps you eat fewer calories every day. So, it should be more of whole eggs, legumes, seafood, meat, dairy products and nuts, and less rice, grains, starchy vegetables, bread and pasta
  • Do Increase your Fibre Intake. The more fibre you eat, the better your body can process food. Fibrous food, i.e. fruits and vegetables, whole oats and legumes increase your metabolism and you start to lose weight. Whatever you eat passes through your body more easily instead of staying inside as fat. All fibrous food, especially viscous fibre in bans, flax seeds, oats, all legumes, asparagus and Brussels sprouts actually cause weight loss around the belly. 
  • Do Try to Walk Around More. Plan a lifestyle that’s more active than sedentary. Other than the time that you absolutely have to sit around a desk, don’t sit at all. Cook while dancing to music, walk around while watching television or reading, walk home instead of taking a taxi, walk to the store for your groceries instead of taking your car – these are the ways you should spend every day instead of sitting down whenever you have the chance.  
  • Don’t Obsess About Your Weight. The right way to You are not going to lose belly fat only by eating healthy; exercise is important too. Running and jogging are the easiest exercises to try, guaranteed overall weight loss. You can also do something more specific, such as abdominal exercises or swimming.
  • Don’t Drink Too much Alcohol. Alcohol consumption is one of the reasons behind a protruding belly. If you have belly fat, the reason could be that you have overdone your normal amount of alcohol intake and need to stop. 
  • Don’t Stress. Easier said than done, yes! Stress is the number one reason behind binge eating, which ultimately leads to weight gain. The more you stress, the more you unconsciously reach for fried, sugary and fattening foods. The result? An ungainly belly that you hate.

If you can’t control your stress, you can at least control your reactions to it. Instead of eating something unhealthy when stressed, go for a walk or run on a treadmill, or do anything that makes you sweat. It will help you both lose weight and to manage your extreme feelings. 

  • Don’t eat too fast. The slower you eat, the faster your body can process the food and digest it. Eating or drinking extremely fast will leave your hungry and empty, even after you have eaten more than the recommended amount. The best way to eat is slowly and while concentrating on the food itself, not on the television or a book, or while scrolling through your phone. 
  • Do Sleep Well. Lack of sleep doesn’t just make you cranky, it’ll make you hungry as well When your body gets at least six and a half hours of proper sleep every day, your cortisol levels get charged and helps your metabolic system do its work properly. On the other hand, inadequate sleep during the night slows down all your systems one by one, and this includes your metabolic and digestive system. 
  • Do Get Out in the Sun. Since not many of us get our daily required dose of Vitamin D from the sun, we try to obtain it from food and supplements. This is the food we could go without if we can just increase our exposure to the sun every day. So don’t be afraid of sweating under a sun a little; plan your running and jogging sessions in the park under direct sunlight instead of at home on a treadmill. 
  • Don’t Obsess About Your Weight. The right way to lose weight is a slow one; therefore, if you get on your scale every day and obsess about your weight, it’s only going to depress you. In your depression and frustration, it is highly likely that you will binge on something unhealthy and fattening. 

The same goes for mirrors. The more you obsess about your belly fat in front of the mirror every day, the insignificant changes will only dishearten you. 

  • Do Try Yoga Asana. Yoga is perfect for toning your whole body and get into an attractive shape, not just to lose weight. Some of the yoga asanas focus on belly fat and help to reduce them, i.e. the Bhujangasanaor the Cobra pose, the Viparita Trikonasana or the Reverse Triangle pose, the Vasisthasana or the Side Plank pose, and the Asthasana or the Plank pose. 
  • Don’t Skip/Ignore Breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – everyone knows that. But it doesn’t just mean that you should have anything you want at breakfast. Your breakfast should be carefully planned, with plenty of proteins and good fats, i.e. eggs, fruit and whole oats.

Belly fat can be a source of embarrassment for us all, but most importantly, it means that you should start taking care of ourselves. Belly fat is the first step to a lifetime of weight gain and ultimately, obesity. At the first signs of additional muscles and fats gathering around our belly, we need to immediately think of reducing it, I hope our tips to losing belly fat fast can help you.