When it comes to Christmas shopping, it’s easy to get lost in all the possibilities and even easier to lose track of your holiday budget. Here are some great gifts that you can find on amazon for anyone on your Christmas list. All within a friendly budget and sure to please.

Gifts for kids

1.   Light Up Terrarium Kit

The lighted terrarium kit is a perfect gift for any child, or any person really. This gift can help spark a love for gardening by showing them what they’re able to do. It’s great for anyone with an interest in growing things.

Shop Now – Light Up Terrarium Kit

Price: $24.99

2.   Scratch Paper Art Set

A fun and creative gift for any child is a scratch paper art set. Especially if the child is interested in arts and crafts. With scratch papers and designs along with pens, ribbons and stickers, this is sure to be a fun present for your little artist. 

Shop Now – Scratch Paper Art Kit

Price: $8.39

3.   DIY Charm Bracelet Kit

A DIY charm bracelet kit is the perfect gift for kids that are showing an interest in crafts and jewelry. While they’re sure to love any bracelets you get them, this kit allows them to customize their own bracelets and necklaces to express their style. 

Shop Now – DIY Charm Bracelet Kit

Price: $14.99

4.   Rock Painting Kit

While this would generally be recommended for younger kids, it can be fun for any child. It’s a fun way to allow your child to express their creativity on something that they can keep forever. With 10 assorted rocks and 6 different colors, there is no limit to what their imagination can paint. 

Shop Now – Rock Painting Kit

Price: $14.99

5.   3D LED Nightlight

With four different styles, these 3D nightlights are great for boys and girls. They give a fun twist to your traditional nightlight and allow your child to enjoy a fantastical creature that will surely be in their dreams with them. With sixteen different colors to choose from, your child will always have their favorite color fling their room as they drift off to sleep.

Shop Now – 3D LED Nightlight

Price: $17.99

6.   3D Coloring Puzzle

Each of these 5 different unique 3D puzzle designs come with 12 dual tip and fine line markers to allow your child to colour their puzzle in dazzling shades that represent them and fit into their room flawlessly. These puzzles not only help with motor skills but critical thinking as well. They can be great fun for the entire family. 

Shop Now 3D Coloring Puzzle

Price: $16.99

7.   Keyboard Playmat

This keyboard playmat is great, especially for special needs children and younger children. It can stimulate their creativity while encouraging them to be active. With hypersensitive keys and multiple instruments to switch between, your child is unlikely to become bored with this fun toy anytime soon. 

Shop Now – Keyboard Playmat

Price: 32.97

8.   Kids Camera

With a protective silicone case, this camera is great for a first time camera. Your child can explore the world of photography and have fun while deciding if it’s something they would be interested in later on in their life. With many features and functions, including fun filters and frames, this camera is sure to be a hit. 

Shop Now – Kids Camera

Price: $19.99

9.   3D Wooden Tangram Puzzles

These 3D Tangram puzzles are great for younger children. They’re fun and challenging while helping your child with motor skills and critical thinking while improving hand-eye coordination. With many different puzzles, this present is sure to keep your little one entertained and happy with helping them develop skills they’ll need as they grow. 

Shop Now – 3D Wooden Tangram Puzzles

Price: $15.99

10.   IQ Builder Building Set

The IQ Builder building set is great for children of any ages and can easily be a group activity. Whether your child wants to build with friends or have a competition with family members to see who can make the greater creation, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Shop Now – IQ Builder Set

Price: $24.97

Gifts for Teens

11.  Burrito Blanket

 This large blanket is sure to get your teen to crack a smile. With four different styles and four different sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect one. Made from a high quality flannel fabric and eco friendly dyes, this blanket is healthy and skin friendly. 

Shop Now – Burrito Blanket

Price: $18.99

12.  Journaling Set

With 6 different options to choose from, these journaling sets are a great choice for any teen. With stickers, tape, glue, paperclips, magnetic folded bookmarks, clipboards frames, a keychain, and a pen, your teen will be able to customize these journals to represent their own styles. Great for any teen that loves writing or poetry. 

Shop Now – Journaling Set

Price: $24.99

13.  Glow in The Dark Blanket

No matter how old you get, glow in the dark is always fun. Impress the teen in your life with a glow in the dark blanket that is sure to please. With two different sizes and six color options, you’re sure to find the perfect style. This is a gift just about anyone would love. 

Shop Now Glow in The Dark Blanket

Price: 27.99

14.  Tropical Terrarium Kit

 This kit was specifically designed with teens in mind. With a fun design, it’s great for room decor once the plant has started growing. Inside, your teen will find a fun geometric plating dish, a random decoration, potting mix, and polka-dot plant seeds. Let your teens learn a new craft while enjoying this lovely gift. 

Shop Now – Tropical Terrarium Kit

Price: $24.99

15.  Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker has a slim and adjustable design perfect for teens that are on the go. With all-day tracking,  it will automatically keep up with your teens information, from calorie burning to steps and distance covered. It can be easily seen from their phone and yours. The batter can last up to a week and is a quick charging device. 

Shop Now – Fitness Tracker

Price: $22.99

16.  Shower Speaker

This shower speaker is a great gift for anyone, but especially teens. With dimensional sound quality they’re sure to get crystal clear vocals. Not only is the speaker but it is hands free with a built in mic. It’s quick connecting and works with ten meters of the streaming device. Great not only for the shower but for pool parties and summer fun as well. 

Shop Now – Shower Speaker

Price: $16.99

17.  Bluetooth LED Beanie

With seven different color options, the bluetooth beanie is a great gift for any teen. After 1-2 hours of charging, it’s fully charged and ready to go, lasting up to eight hours continuously. Great not only for listening to their favorite running music but a light for early morning and evening training sessions this sport season.  

Shop Now – Bluetooth LED Beanie

Price: $19.99

18.  Watercolor Pen Set

This watercolor pen set includes 24 different and unique color brush pens. They’re fun and easy for beginning artists as well as experienced artists that love the watercolor style. With the pen, your teen will also receive thick watercolor grade paper and a refillable water brush pen for blending their artwork. 

Shop Now – Watercolor Pen Set

Price: $18.99

19.  Accessories Kit

This turtle forward accessories kit comes with a natural shell necklace choker, a turban style headband, 2 cute velvet hair scrunchies, 50 stickers perfect for adding their own design on anything, a phone grip and stand, a cosmetic bag, and an environmentally friendly reusable straw and case. 

Shop Now – Accessories Kit

Price: $19.99

20. 3D Marble Run Puzzle

The 3D marble run puzzle is a great gift for teens that like a challenge. While there are clear instructions for this fun piece, following them and putting this puzzle together requires quite a bit of dexterity as well as patience. This gift will test your teen for sure. 

Shop Now – 3D Marble Run Puzzle

Price: $39.99

Gifts for Ladies

21.  Glow On Ultimate Facial Kit

This lovely face mask set is a great gift for any lady in your life that deserves a little pampering. With 3 small tubes of assorted face masks, four sheet masks, four sachets, a silicon facial buffer, a bristle brush, and a silicone face mask applicator, the set has everything you need for a DIY spa day at home. 

Shop Now – Glow On Ultimate Facial Kit

Price: $19.99

22.  Plush Slipper Socks

These fuzzy socks are a fabulous gift for just about any woman. They’re perfectly fuzzy and warm with one size fits most. They’re perfect for lounging around at home, perhaps on Christmas morning, while sipping a hot beverage. 

Shop Now – Plush Slipper Socks

Price: $12.99

23.  Shower Steamers

Shower steamers are a great gift, especially for a stressed out woman that might need a little rest and relaxation. This set of shower steamers comes with six different relaxing scents to help carry stress away. With Peppermint, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, and Lavender, she’ll be able to gain all the benefits of aromatherapy while enjoying her shower. Each shower steamer is made with pure essential oils for a more natural fragrance. 

Shop Now – Shower Steamers

Price: $19.99

24.  Inspirational Bracelet Cuff

An inspirational bracelet cuff is great for any and every woman in your life. They can be not only a thoughtful gift but give her a boost in confidence as well. With a plethora of sayings to choose from, you’re able to pick the perfect inspirational note for your gift. Each bracelet is rust and stain-resistant stainless steel. 

Shop Now – Inspirational Bracelet Cuff

Price: $13.99

25.  Spa Gift Basket

 This lovely 10 piece spa gift basket is great for not only a spa day but for the woman in your life to feel pampered everyday.  The basket includes shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, potpourri, body scrub, body mist, body lotion, soap and a lovely wicker basket to hold it all. Infused with essential oils, sunflower seed oil, and Vitamin E, these products will help moisturize and pamper her daily. 

Shop Now – Spa Gift Basket

Price: $26.99

26.  Wine Gift Basket

This lovely wine gift basket is perfect for many occasions. It includes a wine tumbler and lid, a coaster, a wine bottle stopper, a key bottle opener, comfy socks, a stainless steel straw, cleaning brush and greeting card for you to personalize. Please remember that it does not include that actual wine. 

Shop Now – Wine Gift Basket

Price: $19.99

27.  Candle Gift Set

This aromatherapy candle gift set is a perfect gift for any woman who could use a little relaxation. With six lovely scents that are sure to please, you can’t go wrong. Scents include English Pear and Freesia, Lavender, Persimmon and Copal, Goji and Tarocco Orange, Rosemary, and Spring. 

Shop Now – Candle Gift Set

Price: $18.99

28.  Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket

The oversized microfiber & sherpa wearable blanket is great for the ladies that are quick to get cold or simply love to cuddle up. With twelve different colors, this wearable blanket is a great option for anyone, whether they are on the go and need it to brave the cold outdoor concerts or to cuddle up on the sofa while they watch their favorite show. 

Shop Now – Oversized Wearable Blanket

Price: $39.99

29.   Marker Set and Adult Coloring Book

This gift can be great for relieving stress or just the enjoyment of coloring. With a set of thirty fine-tipped markers and an adult coloring book titled “Maybe Swearing Will Help”, it’s definitely meant for someone that could use a laugh. 

Shop Now – Marker Set and Adult Coloring Book

Price: $19.99

30. Marc Jacobs Four Piece Mini Set

While definitely on the pricier side of things, this Marc Jacobs four piece mini gift set makes for an elegant and thoughtful gift. With four mini perfumes designed by Marc Jacobs, it’s sure to please. You’ll receive 0.13oz of Eau So Fresh EDT Splash, 0.13oz of Daisy EDT Splash, 0.13oz of Daisy Dream EDT Splash, and 0.13oz of Daisy Love EDT Splash. 

Shop Now – Marc Jacobs Four Piece Mini Set

Price: $37.99

Gifts for Men

31.   Organizing Stand

 This lovely wooden organizer is a great gift to keep the man in your life organized. With a designated docking station for his phone, key holds, a watch hold and a spot for his wallet, along with a small shelf for random odds and ends, it keeps everything together. 

Shop Now – Organizing Stand

Price: $38.80

32.    Beard Grooming Kit

 This U+upgraded beard grooming kit is perfect for the bearded man in your life. It includes beard conditioner, beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, a beard comb, beard scissors, a storage bag, and a beard e-book all wrapped up in a luxury box. 

Shop Now – Beard Grooming Kit

Price: $20.91

33.  Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband is the perfect gift for the handyman in your life. This set comes with two sizes of magnetic wristbands, each of which is adjustable. It’s ideal for anyone that may work with smaller metal pieces such as screws, bolts, nails and nuts. 

Shop Now – Magnetic Wristband

Price: $16.99

34.  Apron 

One thing all men seem to like pretty well is being the king of the grill. This particular apron is definitely for someone with a sense of humor and love of grilling. With three pockets for your grilling helpers, it’s great in terms of practicality as well as style. 

Shop Now – Apron for Men

Price: $22.99

35. Magnetic Telescoping Pick Up Tool Kit

The magnetic telescoping pick up tool kit is great for working men. This four piece kit includes a 20lb magnetic pick up rod, a 1.5lb magnetic pick up rod, a square shaped LED inspection mirror and a telescoping flexing extendable LED flashlight. 

Shop Now – Magnetic Telescoping Pick Up Tool Kit

Price: $17.99

36.    Winter Gloves

These leather water resistant windproof, insulated gloves are great for any man that may need to be out in the elements. They are lined with an insulated cotton to keep your hands warm and a weatherproof TPU to ensure they stay that way. 

Shop Now – Winter Gloves

Price: 19.98

37. Axe Apollo Gift Set

This Axe Apollo gift set comes with body spray, antiperspirants, and body wash to keep your man smelling fresh and clean throughout the holiday season. It’s a classic and masculine scent that combines notes of green fruits, fresh sage, and sandalwood. 

Shop Now – Axe Apollo Gift Set

Price: $14.96

38.    Flashlight Gloves


These LED Flashlight gloves are great for a working man. With an LED flashlight built into the pointer and thumb of every glove, it’s a great help to finding things easily. With an easy to reach on/off button on the back of the glove and stretchy breathable cotton, it’s a great gift. 

Shop Now – Flashlight Gloves

Price: 12.99

39. Whiskey Stone Gift Set

The whiskey stone gift set is ideal for anyone that enjoys a good whiskey or likes to have them just in case. With eight granite whiskey stones and two old fashioned glasses it’s great for any aged man. The set also includes a stone storage tray, metal tongs, two slate coasters, and whiskey cocktail cards. 

Shop Now – Whiskey Stone Set

Price: $29.97

40.   Tactical Pen

The ten in one tactical pen is a fun gift to get for any guy. It includes a four in one multi-tool head, a screwdriver, a knife, a ballpoint pen, an LED flashlight, a glass breaker and a pen clip. This option also comes with ballpoint refills and batteries. 

Shop Now – Tactical Pen

Price: 17.99

Gifts for Everyone

41.  Cat Face Party Games

The Cat Face is a fun and wacky game for all ages. With 300 cards to mix and match to try to make the winning combo, you’ll end up having a blast. Simply match the best cat face with your preferred phrase. This is an especially great gift for any cat lover. 

Shop Now Cat Face Party Game

Price: $24.99

42.  Taco Vs. Burrito

Taco Vs. Burrito is a card game that relies heavily on strategy. It was invented by a creative 7 year old and is fun for the whole family. It’s best played with 2-4 players and is super great for any food fanatics. 

Shop Now – Taco Vs. Burrito

PriceL $19.99

43.  Escape Room 

The escape room in a box is a great gift for anyone that loves puzzles. With a plethora of puzzles to solve in order to get out or be turned into a werewolf forever. There are other options as well for your escape room fun, depending on your preference. 

Shop Now – Escape Room

Price: $29.99

44.  Suspend Family Game

The suspend family game by Melissa and Doug is great for about four players. This is a game of not only hand eye coordination but strategy as well. This is a game that is sure to have everyone holding their breath as they await the inevitable. 

Shop Now – Suspend Family Game

Price: $15.49

45. Weighted Blanket

This is a gift that you can be sure anyone would love. It’s great not only for cuddling up and getting cozy but helping to relieve anxiety and stress as well. With many sizes, weights, and colors, you’re sure to find a blanket for everyone. 

Shop Now – Weighted Blanket

Price: $33.91

46.  Tea Bag Sampler

The Twinings Tea bag sampler is the perfect gift to get any tea lover in your life. With forty eight different assorted flavors and types of tea, they can discover all their new favorites and take a trip across different countries along the way. 

Shop Now – Tea Bag Sampler

Price: $14.99

47. Guess in 10

Guess in 10 is a fun game for anyone to play. You can guess up to 10 questions to try to figure out which animal is on your game card. In order to win you have to be the first person to guess correctly 7 times. With 7 different variations of the game, they’re sure to be a topic that everyone can enjoy. 

Shop Now – Guess in 10

Price: $13.99

48.  Our Moments Families

Thought Provoking Conversation Starters for the entire family to enjoy. This game is a great one to pull your family together in one room and spark conversations. With over 100 cards there are countless options and combinations for your family game night. 

Shop Now – Our Moments Families

Price: $18.95

49. CraveBox Care Package

The cravebox care package comes with 45 various snacks. Most of which are candy or cookies and sure to please. Each snack is individually wrapped and ready to be eaten. With everything from laffy taffy to pringles, this box can be given to anyone. 

Shop Now – CraveBox Care Package

Price: $25.45

50.  Beef Jerky Sampler Box

The beef jerky sampler box is a great gift for any beef jerky enthusiast.  With 12 different snacks to try, they just might find a new favorite. Don’t let the name fool you though, you’re in for a treat with more than just beef. You’ll find great snacks such as Island BBQ Pork Rinds and Ostrich jerky.

Shop Now – Beef Jerky Sampler Box

Price: 34.99

No matter who is on your holiday shopping list this year, you’re sure to find an amazing gift on this amazon guide to christmas shopping.