More Muscle Growth

The main part of this is well, protein, and if you want to build more muscle, this is actually a good way to do it. If you’re eating whole sources of protein, you actually will feel more growth happen. You can build muscle, and with the protein bulk, and you’ll notice an increase, especially if you want to bulk up.

Higher protein to Repair Muscles Between Workouts

When you work out, you’re essentially breaking down the muscles, and repairing them again. When you don’t have enough protein, you won’t be able to boost this up and make the muscles stronger, which is a big problem for people. But, since you’re giving your body ample nutrients and other such elements, you’re essentially giving it the building blocks to increase this, and overall get a better feel for yourself. It can make a huge difference, and if you’re able to have more protein, it will mean less time suffering from DOMS, and a much faster recovery time for you.

Better Fibre intake

Fibre is a big part of an athlete’s diet, but many times people don’t realize that it’s a huge part of it. You can use this to maintain weight, but also to shred some fat, but the role of this is actually bigger. If you don’t have enough fibre, it can actually cause your digestive system to get stuck. If it’s unstuck, you’ll be able to perform better. Having enough fibre can change your digestive health, so you should pay attention to these. Paleo will drastically increase this since you’re having more fruits and veggies, and you’ll feel way better, and have a better performance.

Carbs Okay?

Carbs are something that many people usually are a bit hit or miss. Usually, most athletes will count macros, but on paleo, you eat carbs from fruits and veggies, giving you energy without the weight gain. Some do complain however that it may be too little of an amount since lots of times it takes a bit to get adjusted. But, if you have enough proteins and fats, you should be fine. If you ever feel weighed down, usually it’s because you’re having high amounts of the wrong carbs, and paleo can help change that.

Healthy Fat City!

With paleo, you’re eating healthy fats, which does help you with trimming up and losing fat, but it also is great because you’ll actually feel full, giving you much more alertness and energy. If you feel like you’re bad for having fat, it’s ’cause you’re having the wrong kinds. You should focus on unsaturated fats for the most part and some healthy saturated fats such as nuts and coconut oil.

Paleo is great for athletes, and here are some of the benefits you can achieve from this. It’s nice to have, and you’ll be able to really succeed with this over time if you use this in the correct manner.