You Can Take Back Control Of Your Money and Build a Better Life Now

Don’t let your money get away from you! Take control of every single dollar that you earn, keep it under your control, and make conscious decisions about your money today

Wallets empty within a few days of getting paid? No idea where all your hard-earned money went? Struggling to make ends meet even when you have a decent job? Knee-deep in debt with no means of paying anyone back? Frustrated, scared, and harassed by your own unconscious decisions?

It looks like you have made a few mistakes with your money! 

Earning money is hard, while spending is the easiest (and the most fun!) thing you can do. However, in the middle of reckless spending, impromptu purchases, picking up bills and relentless online shopping, we often end up broke, in debt and completely clueless about our financial situation. It’s not the most desired situation to be in your life, because as well must all, unfortunately, agree on: money makes the world go around!

So, learn to live happily ever after with your money. 

In this book, you’ll learn: 

1. All the common money mistakes you can make that might seem simple but can actually push you into trouble in the future.
2. The 3 best practices in good money management.
3. How making and following a good budget can help you live a stress-free, worry-free happy life.
4. How to start saving effectively so that you are never in trouble in the future.
5. How you can pay back every single dollar you owe banks and the people around you without having to make too many sacrifices.
6. Good money practices so that you never end up making the same mistakes ever
7. Top accounting apps and software that can help you make and stick to your budget, on-the-go.

A sample printable household budget for you to customize and use.

At the end of the book, hopefully, you’ll know exactly where you had gone wrong to end up in a financial disaster, like millions of people all over the world. This is a practical book with real-life examples and advices that you can use in your life.