How To Get Your Kids To Listen To You - Communicating with Your Toddler, Tween, Teen and Older Children – Know How to Get Through to Your Kids


Being a parent is the hardest job in the world – there’s no denying that! 

Not only do you have to keep a child healthy and happy, you are in charge of disciplining them, turning them into a good human being for the sake of society. And there’s where everything starts to go downhill. 

No matter how fiercely you love your child and no matter how devoted they are to you, children doesn’t want to listen! They don’t want to listen to you when you want them to do something, and definitely not when you don’t want them to do something. The result – utter chaos! 

I should know – I’ve been through that chaos. With a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old who didn’t listen to anything I told them, I was drowning in desperation and frustration. There wasn’t anything left for me to try to get my kids to listen to me – threatening them, punishing them, bribing them, cajoling them, trying to buy them with gifts, and what not. I was never a bad mother, but I was definitely a clueless one! 

Then, I thought of being an effective mother – the kind of parent who knows the right way of making her kids listen. Months of research and talking to other parents, I came up with a plan, and everything I’ve learned is in this book. 

This book has everything every parent needs to know about making their children listen to them - not just hear the words, but listen and act on them. I’ve divided the book into chapters, each one dealing with specific phrases of their lives. There’s also a chapter, at the beginning of the book, about why your children may not listen to you, which you can read to see where you’re going wrong. 

If you also have problems with getting your kids to listen to you, I really hope this book can help!