The one time your diets and healthy eating regimes completely go out the window are when you are travelling or on vacation, and rightly so! When you are out to enjoy yourself and have fun, there’s nothing that can be more undesirable than to restrict your meals and give up on the exquisite local cuisines because you are on a diet. 

However, to eat healthily, it doesn’t require you to reduce your portions or even miss out on a great delicacy everyone else is enjoying. All you need to do is to follow a few basic rules of healthy eating and you can enjoy your holidays and vacation anywhere you are. 

When travelling abroad or when enjoying your vacations, these are some of the tricks to eating healthy wherever you are. 

  • Have a Good Breakfast 

If you are staying at a posh hotel, you’ll have a great breakfast buffet waiting for you every morning, with everything from eggs to gourmet sushi. Even when you are staying at a budget hotel, you will have some form of breakfast available for you at the premises. Most hotels that include breakfast with a night stay at least have the basic breakfast items that are eaten all over the world, which includes eggs, cereal, bread, and fruits. 

The best way you can start your day while travelling would be to have a heavy breakfast, preferably with multiple eggs, cereal with plenty of nuts mixed in it, fruit juice and fruits. Avoid carbs or sugar, but make sure to add plenty of protein to your plate. 

  • Carry Healthy Snacks 

Wherever you are, always carry some healthy snacks with you: raw nuts, unsweetened crackers, cheese slices, and other healthy options for you to snack on whenever necessary. This kind of dry foods is allowed in all airlines, either in your cabin luggage or your main luggage. 

Even if you don’t want to carry these snacks with you, you can find healthy alternatives in super shops in any country in the world, wherever you are visiting. You need to simply make a stop at the local supermarket and pick a bunch of snacks for yourself, anything that’s both filling and healthy. 

  • Buy Some Fruits Every day 

Whenever you are returning to your hotel room at the end of the day, always look out for local fruit stores so that you can have your pick of fruits. Almost all countries of the world have some common fruits that can be healthy and hearty at the same time. These fruits can be your afternoon snack, midnight snack or even your dinner, a much healthier option than munching on chocolate bars and salted nuts provided in the hotel room minibars. 

If you are worried about gaining too much weight on your vacation, you can have these fruits for dinner as well, Besides, many hotels place a fruit basket in the rooms as a welcome gift for visitors and replace them every day, which can mean readymade snacks/dinner already in your room. 

  • Drink Plenty of Water  

You need plenty of water when travelling, even more than normal times. Especially if you are visiting a tropical region or constantly out in the sun sightseeing, you need to have several bottles of water every day. In some countries, you can drink the water straight out of the tap but in other countries, you can only drink filtered water. Hotel rooms usually provide water bottles free of charge for their guests that you can drink from without worrying. 

Carry a reusable water bottle with you every time you leave the hotel so that you can constantly drink from it. If your hotel doesn’t provide water, you should keep a few bottles handy in your room from the local convenience shop or supermarket. 

  • Eat a Lot of Vegetables 

Focus more on eating vegetables than on meat. A lot of people suffer from indigestion when visiting a new country and miss regular bowel movements. If you are one of those people, it will be better if you don’t order too much protein, but concentrate more on vegetables and leafy greens. Or seafood. 

You can never go wrong with vegetables and seafood wherever you are in the world. There will always be an option for a vegetarian or some vegetable-based meals everywhere you are; go easy on carbs and protein and concentrate more on local vegetable meals and delicacies. 

  • Research Local Restaurants  

If you already have an itinerary planned, you can also search for restaurants in the localities you are going to be, and find one perfect for you. These searches are extremely easy these days; you can instantly look for restaurants around you that cater to your particular preference of food. 

With Google Maps, you can find restaurants and cafes anywhere in the world, and even look through their menus to decide what you can eat, as well as the price! While you plan your itinerary to include sightseeing and experiences, you can also decide on which restaurant to eat at that particular day or night. 

People rarely gain a significant amount of weight when on a vacation, even when they eat more than they intended. All the walking, sightseeing and partying that you do on your holidays will probably keep your weight in check, so you won’t have to worry about gaining more than a few pounds, tops. Even if you do gain a few pounds, you can shed the extra weight quickly after returning home, either through a cleansing, a detox diet or additional hours spent at the gym. 

So don’t worry too much about what you eat. Just make sure you are not moving away too much from your regular eating pattern and you’ll be fine. Your main focus while travelling and vacationing should be on having fun, not on counting calories. You can do that when you return home!