The arrival of a newborn is life-changing, to say the least. The sense of responsibility is epic and one can never go back to the carefree life you led earlier. It also takes the focus away from yourself to someone else. How do mothers and fathers cope with this? What changes will need to happen at home? How will this impact you? Can you take a vacation? Can you go to the bathroom? Can you breathe? The more we think about the transformations in store for the baby’s arrival, the more anxious we get. The truth is, there will be changes but nothing that will impact a life so negatively that one needs to go into panic mode. that’s why you should read this 4 things you may have overlooked when bringing home a baby Guide.

By following these 4 areas of change you can welcome your little one and prepare for the best that is yet to come. And yes, you can go to the bathroom and even on a vacation! The baby’s arrival will create more happy memories and a sense of accomplishment you never thought possible. Let’s get you ready for the change in your home and your heart.

Around us – Your environment needs to be secure for the infant. This means baby-proofing the home. Ensuring all sharp corners and pointy edges are covered with safety guards or corner protectors. All electrical outlets need to be moved out of baby’s reach and attach safety guards and baby gates in hallways, on the stairs, passageways to prevent baby from crawling away when unattended.

The internal change is for you to become vigilant for nooks and crannies and try to imagine “Is this safe for my baby ?” You will no longer see the diamond stud earrings as a thing of value but more like a disaster which the baby may want to yank from your ear and pop into her mouth. Sleeping soundly may become a thing of the past as your mind will adjust and pick up any sounds including your baby’s cough and get you up and running in the middle of the night. 

Inside Us –What your baby consumes will be next on the list of priorities. Breast milk should ideally be the most obvious decision but this is something you may want to discuss with your significant other and your pediatrician. In addition, foods certified by the doctor, supplements, and vaccinations will have to be a top priority to ensure the health and safety of your child. Keep the scheduled visits to your pediatric tagged right in front of you – preferably on the fridge or maybe at your bedside table for easy access. Both you and your spouse should know what medications are needed if the baby has a cold or what baby food you may be running out of. 

What you consume has to be a priority. If you are a breastfeeding mother, your diet is crucial and you need to be in top form. If your doctor recommends any supplements, don’t neglect to take them. Forget the weight loss diet for now just consume the right fruits, veggies, and proteins as though your life depended on it. You will need energy for those long nights and to stop you from getting cranky especially when you find your baby’s crying may be sucking the joy out of you. New moms and dads often forget their own health and focus so much on the little one that they are prone to more coughs and colds – thereby affecting their baby. 

Loving the baby – Your baby needs maximum care and attention. Babies understand and exhibit signs of accelerated growth and development basis the nurturing environment they are provided. Picking up the baby to nurse when you detect them fussing for food, sensing the need to change their diapers before they start howling, simply talking to them or being beside them when they are awake is positive nurturing. Try doing the laundry while your baby stays beside you in the basket or meal prep in the kitchen while your significant other sings nursery rhymes to the little one. 

What about you? Both you and your partner also need to bond with each other and detect when you are in need of a pick me up before its too late. As stated earlier, meal times must never be ignored as it is essential for sustenance and for ensuring you are at you’re a-game. How about times when you simply need to talk to an adult or zone out in front of the TV. Take turns with your spouse or bring in your in-laws while you step out for a much-needed walk around the block. Ask your friends to drop in for coffee/cocoa while your baby croons in the crib next to you. It’s all possible, you just need to get more inventive and motherhood will show you how.

Leaving the baby – Separation, and this can be a hard topic to talk about but you must. All parents should set some boundaries so that both don’t get consumed by the needs of the little one. Set limits on when to pull back and when your baby needs time away from you. Learning to respond to your baby’s cries is essential but over the course of the first few months, you will learn to distinguish when your baby is simply fussing and when your baby needs your immediate attention. You don’t have to sit next to your child 24 by 7. Baby proofing the place means you can leave the room to fix yourself a snack. Keep the baby monitor with you while you go to the bathroom (and maybe you can surf your Instagram a bit longer). Go out for a grocery run leaving your baby with your mother. She raised you – trust her instincts! 

Don’t panic when you decide to go to work. Sadness is inevitable but realizes that both situations have their pros and cons. As much as we would like to achieve it all – we truly cant. And that’s ok. You can go back to work immediately after the birth or you can stay on an extended maternity break for as long as you and your partner decide. The important thing is to be happy with the decision you have made. Make a choice and stand by it.